Are there any set up or ongoing fees?

There are no set-up or cancellation fees associated with your Art Money account. There are no fees for early repayment, which can be made any time.

Repayment by Credit or Debit Card 
For Australian and New Zealand clients only, repayments using credit/debit card incur a 2% processing fee to cover costs.

Direct Debit/ACH
Repayments using Direct Debit/ACH from your bank account incur no Art Money charges.

Consolidated Payment Fee

For US clients only, to consolidate multiple purchases into one payment a monthly fee is applied. If you opt in to this service, you will be charged a consolidated payment fee.

Art Money Buyer’s Premium
Buyer’s Premium incurs a flat monthly fee which will be disclosed to you prior to accepting your Agreement. Should you repay early, no ongoing fees will be deducted, from the following month on.