What is Art Money Verified Buyer?

Art Money Verified Buyer makes it easy for art buyers & sellers to comply with UK anti-money laundering laws for art sales over €10,000.

UK sellers including galleries, auction houses & platforms must now have a compliant program that includes verifying a buyer's personal identity (KYC, Know Your Client) and source of funds (AML, Anti-Money laundering). Art Money's solution allows collectors/buyers to provide their personal information securely and confidentially, once, to a trusted intermediary (Art Money) and for sellers to fulfil their compliance obligations without having to make personally intrusive enquiries.


Our Solution

• Fulfil your compliance obligations with confidence • Collector get verified once, use everywhere • You focus on the sale, outsource your verification


What we do

Allow you to verify clients purchasing over €10,000 on a per transaction basis as required by UK law.


What we don’t do

Replace the requirement on art sellers for HMRC registration, training and overall compliance.